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  WELCOME to Take A Trip With Me

Get in the Right Lane to Information Highway...

       Information Sites are designed to make your journey on the Internet worthwhile...follow  my  favorite links and have a good time browsing, buying and snooping.

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(My)  Angel Site

Believe in Angels?

Americas Most Wanted 

Could be someone close..Keep in The Know

Altavista Search 

Search Engine, Just Fill in The Right Words

(My)  Barbie Dolls Site 

Collectors and Non-collectors Site

FBI Most Wanted 

Get a Clue of Who is Wanted/Missing

Greeting Cards 

Electronic Greeting Cards (Free)


Make ur Own Animated EMails

 NACME, Inc 

People Helping People

WBS Site 

Chat Community and More...

Protect your Children from Adults Only Sites

 Nanny NetWatch

Put a lock on the Adult Sites

 Protect Innocents

Don't  Leave Home before you lock out XXX

Ready to go SHOPPING...


 Shopping For Baby 

Baby Super Mall Up to 40% Discount!


 My Items  Auction Site - Up4Sale 

Dolls and more for sale in my auctions.

Online Auctions 

Shop till you Drop (Sell for Free)

Angel Jewelry 

Angel Pins, Earrings and More..

 Need a PI? Wanna be a snoop?..follow these links, but dont get caught!

 Spy Store International 

Need Spying Tools? Check out this store..

 Investigative/System Equipment 

Be A Snoop...Catch Them "Red Handed"

 Information On Spy Equipment 

Former Cops Spy Equipment  Store

GROCERIES...and More..delivered to your door!

 Grocery Shop Online 

Need groceries, health items, laundry items....more?

Take your pick of FREE HomePage Sites!

 Angelfire Free HomePages 

Tripod Free HomePages 

 Fortunecity Free HomePages 

Geocities Free HomePages 

 WOW Sites Free HomePages 

WBS Free HomePages 


  United States Postal Service              Domestic & International Rate Calculators


Free Stuff..GiveAWays..Check it out!


 Daily Give-A-Ways 


Your chance to win a great prize EVERYDAY.

 Free Scripts, Guest Books and More 

Free CGI Scripts Written In Perl

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