Barbie made her teenage debut in 1959...and is still growing strong. The first African-American Barbie was created 20 years later in 1979.

Many older Barbies are very hard to find these days. My interest in Barbies began in late 1997.

I presently sell select dolls to collectors and non-collectors (just plain doll lovers) inventory is currently one-of-a-kind and include Barbies of the Great Eras, Special Editions, Limited Editions, and Children's Editions. Many of these Barbies are new, but I also will be offering custom designed clothed (played with) Barbies in the near future. Sometimes I sell in online auctions.

Pictured next is a HomeMade Custom-Designed Barbie Wedding Gown recently sold in one of my online auctions in Ebay.

Enjoy looking at my gallery of Barbies Dolls below.

The #1 Barbie

1997 Harley and Barbie
Two American Favorites joined
Doll is Hard to Find

Perfectly Suited 1998

First Black 1979
Doll is Hard to Find

Moon Goddess 1996

Sleeping Beauty

Sun Goddess 1995

Southern Belle - Great Eras

Medievial Lady - Great Eras

1910 Promanade in the Park 1998

Autum in Paris 1998

Grecian Goddess 1995

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